Material is highly relevant to our industry since we have a tremendous need to meet people where they are – customers and fellow agents alike. Instructor is incredibly constructive, thought provoking and challenging in a compelling way. Sheridan, WY

Karleen’s approach to improving communication is not only applicable to my profession but also to all aspects of my personal and family life. Anyone and everyone regardless of professional or personal standing could benefit from her seminar.   Cody, WY

I use these skills MUCH more than the legal or more technical components of other courses. Karleen presented the information in a way that applied not only to real estate but also to life skills. This class should be offered to others as well, not just agents. (Bring your spouse!)    Jackson, WY

Great content – highly relevant! Loved the expression of life experiences which served to cement the topics.  Jackson, WY

The instructor was funny and enjoyable. Rock Springs, WY

Better than college psych courses. The instructor had great insight and made look differently at issues. I can take many of these practices home.  Rock Springs, WY

What I liked best was learning to actually listen. Cody, WY

The instructor was calming and kept my attention. Casper, WY

This class is invaluable for anyone whose livelihood depends on good communication skills. These insights will help with all your relationships. Sheridan, WY

Instructor had amazing stories, a great positive vibe, was relatable and  knowledgeable.  Sheridan, WY

Information is well developed and relevant. The people of this world need more of this kind of conflict resolution skill development. The instructor adapts well to questions and ideas that are different but do relate.   Cody, WY

What I liked best about the course were the real world examples and role playing. These will be useful on a weekly basis. Also the instructor was a great explainer. I felt welcome to ask any questions.  Jackson, WY

Liked best the instructor’s openness, willingness to share personal experiences as illustrations. She really cares about communicating the material and making sure we are getting all the benefits of the course.  Cody, WY

Great to have these new resources in my conflict resolution cache. Cheyenne, WY

Very helpful understanding how we communicate and why. I liked that the instructor took time to answer questions.  Rock Springs, WY

Great information. The instructor was very compassionate in approach to material and others.  Cody, WY

The Alpha/Omega language was easy to follow and consistent throughout the course. Jackson, WY

Positive message. I recognize I have to heal my inner conflicts.  Rock Springs, WY.

The instructor was very well spoken and the course made me think about handling things differently. Casper, WY

This course brought a lot of valuable information to the fore and I recommend it to all. It should be required. Sheridan, WY.

What I liked best was the practical application with everyone interacting, and that Karleen is very passionate about her work and the subject matter.  Jackson, WY.

The depth of insight & knowledge that Karleen has was very beneficial. Gillette, WY

I wish the class could be two days instead of one. It’s very valuable to gain communication skills. I’m looking forward to Karleen’s next class. Sheridan, WY

Very helpful regarding what words to stop using. The instructor made me think first and talk second; she opened my mind to see from another viewpoint. Cody, WY

What I liked best about this course is that it was about us rather than real estate information. Cody, WY

I appreciated the instructor’s compassion and interest in answering questions. Rock Springs, WY

Great discussion! The instructor is highly educated! Cody, WY

The thorough information was presented well. Rock Springs, WY.

This class really helped me understand the importance of having an Omega response to dissolve conflict. Sheridan, WY

I felt I learned a lot in this communication workshop and experienced real feeling that surprised me. I started to listen for the first time in my life and found a way to respect myself and the person I'm listening to through the techniques taught here. These are real valuable tools.    —C.F., Emigrant, MT

Excellent coverage and depth of issues integrating psychological aspects.  —T.P., Emigrant, MT

All inclusive, step-by-step sequential presentation of information that combined major concepts in an understandable way.  —D.H., Emigrant, MT