About the Facilitator


Karleen McSherry, MSEd in Counseling, has taught communication skills for 12 years, and psychology and counseling classes for 15. She has 30 years of business experience, including ownership of a successful magazine publishing company.

In her early 20s Karleen had an experience that set her on a path to discover the secrets of creating abundance. With $8 to her name, she walked the streets of NYC and came upon a man dressed in a three-piece suit who told her his briefcase had been stolen along with his rail pass home to Long Island. Her heart went out to this fellow and without further ado she pulled the $8 out of her pocket and gave it to him, wishing him a wonderful trip home. During the walk back to her apartment she felt the urge to stop and looked down at her feet where she found a $20 bill. As time passed she realized this is the law of the return that the ancients described as a time, times and half a time.

Across the past 40 years Karleen has studied and practiced the truths put forth in many “success” books, worked on her psychology, and engaged in enlightening spiritual activities that have led her to experience the  early stages of creating the world she desires. A natural observer of behavior – her own and others’ – she now understands what it takes to create peace and prosperity and is excited to pass it along to others in these workshops.