You Are Meant to Create the World You Desire!

Great and small. Community-wide and personally. The best of life can be yours. If it were up to you, wouldn’t peace and prosperity be the hallmarks of such a life?

Despite the state of unrest and economic fluctuation in the world today, it is possible for all of us to get along and flourish. With a few adjustments in how you perceive, think, believe, desire and communicate, you can be the master of your own ship, guiding the course of your life.

Improve U Courses are designed to provide awareness of patterns that will aid you in achieving your goals and of those that interfere with your success.  You will be given tools for change so you are able to begin adjusting current limiting patterns right away.

There are five courses in the series. Each course stands alone without need of previous workshops to understand the material.

The first course deals with something we engage in about 70% of our day – communication.  Its focus is learning to minimize conflict through balanced back and forth flow; recognition of programmed patterns that result in argumentation, frustration and non-resolution; ways to view conflict positively when it does occur; and techniques for overcoming old habits and putting on new ones.

The remaining courses are still to be developed and concern the topics of:

  • The psychology of self-perception and how it affects our ability to succeed.
  • The mind and its tendency to filter, sabotage, justify, rationalize, and assume, and how to overcome these negative patterns.
  • How our subconscious beliefs, for good or for ill, chart our course.
  • And finally, the steps to create the world we desire.

Click here for more information about the first course: Inside the Circle Communication – Skills to Create Peace and Prosperity