Inside the Circle Communication

Inside the Circle Communication
– Skills to Create Peace and Prosperity

Do you desire to increase your client base?

Would you like to collaborate more effectively with co-workers?

Does having greater confidence, competence and a competitive edge appeal to you?

Then Inside the Circle Communication is the right workshop for you.

Inside the Circle Communication provides tools to help you gain and retain clients by balancing the expression of your expertise with a focus on their needs, to change conflicted relationships into peaceful ones, and to master dynamic listening skills that are the key to your success—personally and financially!

Traditionally, our differences and mismatched expectations have been seen as the main causes of conflict. Yet observation alerts us to the role communication plays in discord. Unwillingness to talk and how we say something can be as provocative as our disagreements.

This workshop provides insights into recognizing the thinking/feeling/speaking patterns we have all learned and used that lead to conflict and “outside-the-circle” means of dealing with issues. It also presents a better way of perceiving and communicating “inside the circle” that both minimizes the potential for friction and provides the solution for returning to peace.

Because we spend about 70% of our waking hours in some form of information exchange, it stands to reason that if we can become peaceful in our interactions, we can transfer this to other aspects of our lives.

During this experiential workshop, participants learn:

  • Heart-centered communication
  • How to convey your wisdom precisely and concisely
  • How to listen and respond so people know they’ve been heard and understood
  • What pulls us out of the heart and how to get back
  • When and how to use feedback, and when to accept life as a mirror
  • The purpose of conflict and how to maintain peace in the face of it
  • The skills being taught through opportunities to practice

Participants receive:

  • Slides packet

Upcoming classes (click for more details and to register):
December 6, 2018 – Sheridan, Wyoming